Sunday, September 28, 2008

Option for only head-line display


   It has been a long time since i wrote my last post on this blog. Well, there are lots of things going on. I was in US for a month period and updating my personal blog i-Stuff…Interesting Stuff that Matters. Also working with twitter mash up..

Oh yes, i am currently working with twitter mash-up. Will soon tell you about it as its just a idea right now and will take sometime to shape it up. Currently facing problem with twitter APIs. You can check it here… If you have any idea to fix it, feel free to get back to me (blogfisher.80[at]gmail[dot]com).

Well, there is a small update to If you are a regular visitor, then you would have already noticed it. There is a small “eye” icon image which is added today. There are couple of suggestions i received to add this feature. When you click on the “eye” icon on the right side below the category menu, it will display only headlines of news stories as below.


Many times, it becomes difficult to go through the entire page. This “eye” button help you to scan the headline faster.

Its a kind of toggle button. So if you want to display author information, publication date as well as small description about news, then click the “eye” icon again and it will show these additional details. So its just a click away to switch between two views of news.

Hope you like this small “eye” feature. Enjoy!!

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